My dog training methods are very simple and easy to understand and incorporate into your daily lives. I train through energy, instincts, mutual respect and lots of love. I not only work with your dog but also show YOU how to become the best and most effective pack leader you can possibly be. Because of my passion for, and many years working with dogs, I am well-known for having a natural affinity for and a close connection to dogs of all breeds and backgrounds.

I developed a love for dogs at a young age due to the fact that my family was known as champion breeders and show dog handlers who also raised AKC Shetland Sheepdogs since 1969 and I can’t remember a time when there were not several dogs in the house. My parents and their dogs participated in the show ring and were also featured in Dog World and Dog Fancy Magazines. I have worked with several local rescue groups and shelters assisting in training and rehabilitation as well as in the important task of finding both foster and forever homes for many of these animals.


I have been a dog trainer since 2002. I train DOGS AND THEIR HUMANS all over the Dallas, Texas area. I am one of the highest rated and most popular Private Dog Trainers in the area and considered one of the top dog trainers in the Dallas. I am often been compared to Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer.  I work with ALL dogs from Mastiffs to Mutts, Golden Doodles to Pardi Poodles, Pomeranians to Pitbulls and all breeds in between.

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