The Mind Of A Dog
  • From this point on your dog should live in your home on your terms, not your dogs. You will not be taking anything away from him, you will just be changing who is in charge.

  • If your dog does not view you as a leader, you have no authority over them

  • When you begin your relationship with a dog by approaching them with soft energy such as pity or unearned affection, we immediately give away our authority.

  • Excitement leads to bad behaviors.

  • Baby talk is often perceived to be weak or soft energy and the animal world and it creates excitement.Your attempt to ask your dog to obey you, or abide by your rules, will fall on deaf ears because you are not the "boss of them”

  • Dogs are drawn to leaders before lovers.

  • Dominance is not a bad word in the animal kingdom, it simply means the art of control.

  • Naturally, It is the dog (or wolf) with calm and assertive energy that controls the pack, not one who is excessively affectionate.

  • Dogs do not rationalize, moralize or intellectualize. Their behavior isn't personal.

  • A dog will feel responsible for protecting their human owner if they sense the human is weak, passive, excited or unbalanced. (The dog inadvertently becomes a weapon under this circumstance)

  • Your dog can be highly trained and obedient, but still may be neurotic, aggressive, or insecure

Board and Train
10 Days
Immersive Lifestyle Training
With Dogs Mind Trainings 10 Day Board and Train Program, your dog will learn real life, everyday effective behavior and good all around manners. Such as walking on a leash, no jumping or mouthing, socializing and other specific concerns.
Included in this program: 10 days of Boarding (50 per day value), Off-Site Training, a Lucas Agnew Leash, a "place' board and a One Hour Drop Off Session.
The only qualifications for this 10 Day Program: UP TO DATE ON SHOTS. NO AGGRESSION AND POTTY TRAINED.
An Evaluation must be scheduled at least 1 week ahead of time. 

10 Day Program 1,450

Leading Your Pack

  • Project what you want from your dog.

  • Do not waste your effort on "time outs", they do not compute in the canine world.

  • Be consistent when correcting a behavior, pack leaders are always fair and consistent.

  • Using body language, eye contact and even patience are subtle ways of claiming your space

  • The concept of owning or claiming space is huge in the natural world of a dog.

  • When you retreat, you allow the dog to "own" whatever it is that you backed away from, including your space.

  • Remember people use their feet to control horses. Blocking a dog with your feet is perfectly acceptable.

  • The correction could be as simple as "moving in" or "not retreating"

  • A "Touch" from any part of your body is fine, If it's effective in breaking a dogs state of mind and re-directing it to a proper behavior.

  • The level of correction must be higher than the level of intensity of the bad behavior in order to work.

  • You should claim things like rooms in your home, the front door, the fence-line, your children or other dogs.

  • Whenever you give your dog is yours first, you've just chosen to share it your dog.

  • Ask for a calm-submissive state of mind when getting things such as food, a treat or going out for a walk.


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