Dogs Mind Training

Dogs Mind Training has been successfully training dogs for over 20 years.

We always make training simple, fun and easy to understand.

The G.O.A.T Program


The Greatest Of All Training Programs

This is the most unique, well rounded and complete dog training program available anywhere.Sessions will take place in a variety of locations in which you and your dog may encounter in real life.   We will challenge you and your dog in everyday situations and show you how to successfully work through them. There is no set time limit or deadline to complete the program.

5 Unique Sessions + 6ft lead $1000

Private Training

Board and Train

We will keep your dog both physically and mentally stimulated throughout their stay working on general manners and any specific behaviors that you may be concerned about. We will show you how continue to build your own bond with your dog and maintain the training at drop off as well as a follow up session.

We start with the assessment/meet and greet a $300 session cost will be due at this time that will act as a non-refundable deposit. At our assessment we will go over the things we will be working on and talk about some the goals you have for your dog. 

10 Day Puppy (up to 9 months) $1800 
14 DAY Board and Train $2500 

Private Training

Our Private Training Programs are always fun and very informative.
We work hands on with things such as walking, general manners, creating a strong, relevant connection with your dog. 
While educating you on natural pack structure and show you how to build the perfect pack. 

(At My Location)
At and around the beautiful Richardson Heights Neighborhood. 

2 Sessions $500

Private Training

Off Leash Training

In this Board and Train Program we will safely introduce and work your dog to a Remote Collar. This collar is one of the best collars in the business. Your dog will face everyday situations while working on off leash skills because being trustworthy off leash is also a very important skill for your dog to master for hiking, parks and open spaces.

3 week Board and Train +
Follow Up Session+
Mini Educator Remote Collar  

The "Touch Up" Program

This is for our past clients that feel like they would like a little "touch up" on walking and general manners. Your pup will live with the pack and be reminded of how to conform to normal everyday living.
Pick up will be on Friday morning and drop off will be Sunday evening. 

3 full days and 2 nights of
Boarding and Training $600 

Private Training

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