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Dogs Mind Training
Training Humans and Their Dogs.

"I want learning and training to be simple and fun" 

My Story.

I have been DFWs go-to dog trainer since 2001.Some folks say I specialize in doodles, but I love working with all dogs. What I do goes way beyond simple dog training, I strengthen the natural bond between humans and dogs with easy to follow foundational work and behavioral exercises, problem solving advice and a real understanding of dogs and dog psychology. I was born into a family of breeders, dog groomers and show ring stewards. I began my career working with local rescue groups and shelters and have trained and volunteered with The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan and mentored under the internationally recognized canine behavior specialist, Cheri Lucas.

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My Philosophy.

Why don't I offer a boarding and training program? Well, it's simple, most boarding and training programs do not work, a relationship is not something that can simply be handed over to you. The time you spend with your dog will provide a strong life-long connection between you and your dog. 

Successful dog training comes down to building your trust with your dog. It is more about the process and less about the outcome. As you work with your dog hands on, you will be learning about dog psychology not just “dog training” you will  learn how to naturally communicate, interact and relate to your dog. 

The most critical time to start building the relationship is now.

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My Training.

Training doesn't have to be complicated. In my Premium One On One Training you will learn about dog psychology and problem solving strategies for issues such as over excitement, jumping on guests, leash manners, proper socialization and more. We will work together building a stronger bond and more meaningful relationship with your dog. Training takes place at my location in Richardson, Texas but could also include a location that works best for your dogs issues and your goals. 

Assessment PLUS 3 Sessions $700

Or Single Pay As You Go Sessions

Assessment and Initial Session $400

Follow Up Sessions $200  

*All dogs that complete sessions are qualified for my one of a kind boarding. 

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My Boarding.

This one of a kind boarding experience is literally your dogs home away from home and only available for clients that have completed at least 4 sessions of training with me. I have limited space so holidays and summer breaks are highly recommended to be booked well in advance You will never find a boarding experience for your precious pup quite like this. Your dog will will be treated and spoiled just like my own personal dogs. No crates or kennels (unless specified for your dogs safety) Your dog will receive consistent, all day training, this means consistent supervised socialization and behavior touch ups, regular time in the yard, calm feeding rituals, controlled playtime and more.  


I am also very flexible on drop off and pick up times (including Sundays and evenings. Your dog will never be left alone overnight or for long periods of time. I also post photos and videos regularly on my social media accounts.

*Contact me for prices

Contact Me

To get started, please shoot me an email and include:

  • your dogs name

  • your dogs age

  • your dogs breed

  • and the issues you would like to address


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My Boarding.

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