Dan Glaser

Dan has been training and working with dogs from the day he was born. Dan grew up in a family of Champion Dog Breeders, Trainers, Groomers and Show Dog Handlers and not a day went by without having more than a few dogs in his home. Dan established his training business in 2002.  He believes in the real life, everyday "management" of your dog and helps everyone better understand the true nature of their dog.

Dan is always refining his training skills to put together the most effective training possible and making it easier to understand and accomplish. So you and your family can truly connect with with their dog. Over the past few years, Dan has had the opportunity to study with the best trainers in the world, including The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, Second Chance Founder and International Trainer, Cheri Lucas and also the amazing Dog Behaviorist, Brian Agnew.

Tyrus Swift

Tyrus knew that he was destined to work with dogs. He was fortunate enough to get a job at a pet resort where he was exposed to different breeds, and immediately fell in love with all of them. Eventually just working with dogs was not enough and Tyrus took the leap and adopted his own, a beautiful Rottweiler named Lottie!

A lifetime of experience put him way ahead of the game when it came time to train her, but even a master of a craft can continue to learn. Tyrus has dedicated most of his life to perfecting his technique and continue to expand his knowledge to be one of the best trainers around.

Robyn Burke

Robyn first got interested in dog training when a dog just showed up in her life. She named her new dog Cow and she had to quickly learn how to train dogs out of necessity in order to manage Cows issues so she could be integrated into Robyns personal pack of four. 

Robyn has fostered and rehabilitated countless dogs for the past 6 years and is best known for working with "the worst of the worst"  Robyn is a firm believer that all dogs deserve a second (and third) chance at a better life. She loves working with horses and tends to lend a hand to help all creatures that are in need of her help. Her raw connection with nature can be truly astounding.


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