Dogs Mind Training

In-Home and Boarding and Training

Whether we are working at your home or ours.
Dogs Mind Training will always keep your dog challenged physically and mentally.

In-Home Training / $450

Our In-Home Program starts with 2 sessions and works for most dogs. In our first session we discuss how to best interact with your dog and work hands on to achieve better manners and behavior. In our second session, we continue and build on everything we've worked on and can be held at a location of your choosing
*(no dog parks) or we can continue back at your home or in the front yard.

In-Home Puppy Training / $550

*for pups up to 8 months old

Our In-Home Puppy Program is designed for puppies up to 8 months old we show you how to begin building a strong foundation of mutual trust, love and respect with your pup and work hands on to achieve better manners and behavior by learning how your dogs mind naturally works.
*Puppies tend to have limited focus therefore our puppy sessions tend to be shorter 

Follow up In-Home sessions only $125



The 14 day board and train program is for dogs that need work in more than a few areas such as leash manners, socialization with other dogs and humans, good manners in public places, off leash work, leash reactivity, controlling over excitement, impulse control, recall and more! 


*for pups up to 8 months old

This 10 program is designed for puppies up to 8 months old. Our 10  day program is perfect for starting your dog off on the right track building the foundations they need to make your life easier and less stressful. We will show you the amazing progress they made with us and show you how easy it is to maintain the training at your Drop Off Session.

We sellthe best leashes.

4ft or 6ft Leash $25 / 15ft Long Line $35

Email us at dogsmindtraining@gmail.com and we will quickly get back you you 

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