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In-Home Training

In our In-Home Training Program we get to know you and your dog and your goals. We will work hands-on with everyone to provide a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect. We will decide on the best game plan so you can build a strong connection with your dog. Every dog is unique so we will customize our training every step of the way. After the initial 2 sessions, you may want to book a follow up session in which we could meet at an off site (dog friendly) location again at your location or we could even meet you with one of our dogs. 

2 Sessions $450 

Follow up Sessions $150

Boarding and Training

Our Board and Training Programs are for dogs that need work in more than a few areas We will keep your dog both physically and mentally stimulated throughout their stay with us working at our home and public spaces. At our drop off, we will walk you through a training session. Do not expect training to be over when we drop off your dog, you must continue to build your own bond with your dog and maintain the training we already completed. We also offer you a follow up session down the road.

14 DAY Board and Train $2300 

10 Day Puppy (up to 9 Months) Foundation $1600 

Follow up Sessions $150

The T.L.C Program

4 Sessions + Foundation Tools $750 

You and your dog will come to our backyard for 4 weekly sessions (weather permitting) You will be provided with basic foundation tools (a "place" board, dynamic 6 ft leash and Dynamic long line) *$95 Value.
We will show you how to build a strong, relevant foundation of mutual trust and respect between you and your dog. 
It's getting hot out there, so this program is a great idea.
Our trainer has a shaded, cozy, relaxed space to come and
Train, Learn and Chill!

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