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Board and Train

In our very popular Boarding and Training Program, we will keep your dog both physically and mentally stimulated throughout their stay.  We will show you how continue to build your bond and maintain the training at home during our drop off session as well as your included follow up session.

-10 Day Puppy (up to 9 months) $2000  

-14 Day  (Any age) $2800 


*Follow through with the training

*Schedule your follow up within a few weeks


This 3 week program teaches your dog how to be happy and safe in everyday situations while working on important off leash skills. This off leash training will be done on the Mini Educator ET 300, one of the safest and humane remote collars in the business. We start by properly introducing and conditioning your dog to the tool. Then we will begin to work your dog on a safe environment. In our follow up we will make sure you are comfortable and confident in your continued training at home. You will also receive a follow up session. 

Mini Educator Remote Collar and Long Line included

$3500 3 week board and train