Dogs Mind Training

"Training Humans And Their Dogs" 


Dan Glaser was born into a family of dog breeders, groomers and dog show ring stewards and began his career working with local rescue groups and shelters getting dogs ready for their forever homes. He has been helping humans build a strong relationship with their dogs for over 20 years. Dan has quickly become the go-to trainer for puppies and younger dogs as well as rescue dogs in the Dallas area for his expert knowledge, advice and years of experience. 
In 2017 Dan attended a Training Cesars Way workshop with the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan and afterwards he was asked to return as a volunteer for Cesars upcoming workshops. Tyrus Swift is among one of the top board and train and off leash dog trainers around today. In 2019 They headed to California to grab some Randys Donuts and mentor under internationally recognized canine behavior specialists Cheri Lucas. Dan and Tyrus are balanced trainers are always seeking out new and different training methods to add to their extensive training arsenal.

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Private 1 on 1 training

Private training begins in our beautiful location in the Richardson Heights Neighborhood and can continue at your location in future sessions if needed.

We begin by evaluating your dog's issues and discussing your goals for training and start working hands on at building the foundations needed for true success in your training. We come up with a training strategy to move forward based on your dogs individual energy, personality and needs.

Progress is always made during the first session and you will leave knowing how to continue training at home. We strongly suggest you continue with at least a few more sessions (at a discounted rate) to continue building upon the things you've learned and working on strengthening your bond with your dog. 





This two session leash walking 101 program is for dogs that pull and zig zag making a walk with your canine companion something you dread the moment you put on your  putting on your shoes.

The first session will take place at my location in Richardson Heights in which afterwards I will send you home with a little homework and in our second session, we will meet wherever you normally take your walks with your dog. (within 15 miles)

*If you have a reactive dog we may need an extra session or two (up to you)

2 sessions $300

Any extra sessions needed $100

*Practice at home between sessions


Boarding and Training

In our very popular Boarding and Training Program, we will keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated throughout their stay with us. 

We have a small program which gives your dog lots of time with the trainer. Your dog will live comfortably and be treated like one of the trainers personal dogs. Lots of work, rules and affection. Your dog will travel to parks and public places and socialize and enjoy our full backyard, no"dog runs"

We love teaching foundation work, better leash walking, and house manners in our structured home setting.

In your dogs drop off session, you will be given the skills to continue all the progress your dog has learned with us as well as the things you and your family to continue so you can building that special bond with you at your home.

10 Day Puppy (up to 9 months) $2000  


*Follow through with the training

*Schedule your follow up within a few weeks​


This 3 week program teaches your dog how to be happy and safe in everyday situations while working on important off-leash skills such as stay and recall. We will work your dog in a variety of situations and environments. In our follow up we will make sure you are comfortable and confident in your continued training at home. You will also receive a follow up session. 

$3500 3 week board and train

All necessary tools included.


Email us and tell us a little about your dog such as name, age, breed and let us know what your'e looking for!