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This Greatest Of All Training ....

Combine the best of Private training with the best Of Boarding and Training all in a 10 day package.

2 Private Sessions at my location

2 Private Sessions at a park

2 Private Sessions at your location

1 Private Session at a dog friendly business

1 Session at a patio

An Overnight with the pack


*You get an awesome 6t leash and a long line

* All training sessions should be completed within 2-3 months



who is Dan Glaser

I have been DFWs go-to dog trainer since 2001, What I do goes way beyond simple dog training, I strengthen the bond between humans and their dogs with easy to follow foundational and behavioral exercises, problem solving advice and my deep understanding of dog psychology. I was born into a family of dog breeders, groomers and dog show ring stewards and began my career working with local rescue groups and shelters and have trained and volunteered with The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan and mentored with the internationally recognized canine behavior specialists Cheri Lucas.

Your journey begins here.

All dogs are different, so their training needs are different. All dog owners are different so your idea of a what behaviors you want and need with your dog will also be different. This is why we begin the journey of your well behaved dog starts with an initial meeting and assessment so we can agree on the program that you want and need for you and your dog. Just because you may be leaning towards a Board and Train you may really benefit more by being more personally involved with The Goat Experience or your dog may not be as "wild" as you think and would benefit from just 4 One on One sessions.

Although this is how I make my living I will never push you to a more expensive program if it's not what you need, unlike some other trainers. I'm fair, I'm honest and I truly love working with dogs. 

Here's How it works:


I'm usually available 7 days a week / 364 days a year. I'm one of the busiest dog dog trainers in the DFW Area. If you're ready, send me your general availability and I will check my calendar and try to give you a few options for scheduling so we can get started. 


You will come to my location in the beautiful Richardson Heights Neighborhood.

We will talk about your needs and goals as long as the needs of your dog, we will discuss ideas, dog psychology and come up with a plan and maybe even a customized program just for you and we will schedule the first day of your program.


There will be NO charge for this first meeting, although you will be responsible for full payment of the program you decide on starting at the conclusion. (For the Board and Train Experience a non-refundable deposit of $300 will be due with the remainder due at the beginning of this program)

Zelle, Venmo, Check, and of course Cash are accepted. 

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Ultimate private training 

In this 4 session program, we will learn about your dog's unique energy and personality and discuss your goals. We begin to build a strong relationship with your dog by mastering the foundations needed for the best connection with your dog. Training takes place in and around the beautiful Heights Park Neighborhood in Richardson, Tx.  YOU will learn in my relaxed atmosphere with no real time restraint for our sessions. 

*Includes a 6ft leash

The goat Journey

The Greatest Of All Training. Combine the best of Private Training and the best of my Live and Learn experience all in a 10 session package. This experience packs a lot of training into 10 sessions, some locations may not work for your particular dog or their behaviors. This package is completely customizable.


3 Sessions at my location 2 Sessions at a park 1 Sessions at your location 1 Session at a dog friendly business  

1 Session on a patio 2Days of Living and Training with my pack.


*Includes a 6t leash / long line and a place board


board and train experience 

10 days of your dog will becoming completely immersed with me and the pack 24/7 working on obedience, loose leash walking and becoming a well behaved member of the family.  Since your dog will be living free in my home, your dog must be dog and human friendly and potty trained.

An initial meet and greet is required. 

*Includes a 6ft leash / 15ft long line and place board

The blueprint session

This single 90 minute session acts as a blueprint for successful training by learning and using foundational exercises that will start you on the right track to achieve simple and realistic goals with your dog. Training takes place in and around the beautiful Heights Park Neighborhood in Richardson, Tx. 


in home training

Days and times of availability for this single session at your location are limited. These single sessions are approximately 90 minutes long and packed full of information and hands on training. We work on the foundations that will open up your relationship with your dog so you can have the strongest connection as possible. We may work inside your home, at a park near your home or in your backyard.


PNG image-99F55E89C9B5-1.png

contact me

When you're ready just email me and I will reply with a few questions to make it easier for us to get started. If you need more info feel free to call or just email me your questions. 



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