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Board and Train

Dogs Mind Training's Board and Train programs build a solid training foundation for your dog, we work with your dog with a frequency that a lot of folks are just too busy to maintain, we work with your dog every single day both inside the home and out in the real world to expose your dog to as many different situations that life may present to both you and your dog. Dogs Mind Training will keep your dog challenged physically, mentally and emotionally all day long.


Our Board and Training starts with a one hour In-Home Evaluation ($200)* so that we will have the opportunity to discuss and work with your dog so that we can decide on the best option to move forward.

*The price of this session will be deducted from the total price.


Some of the things we can focus on in your customized Board and Train Program are: On leash manners, socialization with dogs and humans, good manners in public places, off leash work, leash reactivity, controlling over excitement, impulse control, recall and more! We will correct unwanted behaviors and prevent issues before they happen.


7 Day JumpStart

7 days gives your dog a great start in learning general manners, socialization, confidence and obedience


14 Days Board and Train

You will get a mid-week session as well as a session when your dog returns home.


Our Board and Train Programs Include:

Over night, more frequent and focused daily training sessions, off site outings, a leash, a drop off training session as well as being qualified for boarding services.

Day Training

 Dogs Mind Training will pick up your dog between 9am and 10am. Your dog will spend the day with us while you are at work or need some time alone. We will spend the day working with your dog in our home and off site.We work all day addressing specific issues you may be experiencing. Your pup will get a full day to socialize with our personal dogs, go on walks, spend time visiting pet friendly businesses or even hanging out on a patio while we have our morning coffee or lunch. We will drop off your tired, satisfied dog between 4pm and 5pm.

Single Day


2 days


3 Days


In-Home Training

Our In-Home Training sessions take place in the comfort of your home and surrounding environment. Dogs Mind Training will work hands-on with you and your dog every step of the way. Each dog is unique, that is why we customize and formulate a game plan according to your lifestyle, circumstances and needs so that, together, we can begin to manage and eliminate the issues that you have been struggling with. 

Single Session
Recommended for:
Taking a step in the right direction.


2 Sessions
Recommended for:
Basic obedience, minor behavior issues


3 Sessions
Recommended for:
Puppies, new rescues, dog reactivity



Our Boarding service is exclusively for existing clients and those we have worked with in the past. Our boarding service is a  24 hour experience  that is as close to being at home as possible. Your dog will stay, play, hang out and be loved just like they do at home.

They will not spend a majority of time alone and we will keep them mentally, physically and emotionally fulfilled. Boarding can be a great training"tune-up"for your dog.

Let Dogs Mind Training be your dogs home away from home.

1 dog $55 

2 dogs $95

Interested in working with us? 

Please contact us and tell us what area of town you live in and provide us with your dogs name, age and breed and provide a short explanation of the concerns and issues you would like to address and we will quickly get back to you.


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