Pay Now/Train Later Services & Prices

Our Pay Now / Train Later are for our clients that would prefer training in their own homes but due to our temporary suspension of In-Home Training discounted prices are in effect throughout the month of April due to the Shelter in Place orders. 

All of our employees rely on day to day funds for to feed their families, therefore to ensure we are able to continue our services beyond this pandemic, we our offering special discounts in the month of April. We hope this incentive helps you to take advantage of the idea of training when our world is back to normal.

This guarantees you the soonest available slots when In-Home Training is available again.

Thank You for your support.

* If you would like to help out our dog loving employees and their families, we do have an active GoFundMe Campaign just click below and thank you, folks like you are the reason we do what we do.

In-Home Training

Our In-Home Training sessions take place in the comfort of your home and surrounding environment. Dogs Mind Training will work hands-on with you and your dog every step of the way. Each dog is unique, that is why we customize and formulate a game plan according to your lifestyle, circumstances and needs so that, together, we can begin to manage and eliminate the issues that you have been struggling with. 

Single Session
Recommended for:
Taking a step in the right direction.


3 Sessions
Recommended for:
Basic obedience, minor behavior issues


Save on Boarding

Our Boarding service is exclusively for existing clients and those we have worked with in the past. Our boarding service is a  24 hour experience  that is as close to being at home as possible. Your dog will stay, play, hang out and be loved just like they do at home.

They will not spend a majority of time alone and we will keep them happy and comfortable. 

Let Dogs Mind Training be your dogs home away from home.

When this is over EVERYONE is gonna need a vacation!!

1 dog $40 

2 dogs $65

Interested in working with us? Have a question?


Extra Special Price if you Pay Now / Board Later a block of 7 days of boarding!

7 days for 1 dog $250 

7 days for 2 dogs $425 

*Any and all April discount pricing (Including Board and Train Programs) are available for Pay Now / Train Later 


Use Discount Code: DMT

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