PRemium PRIVATE training

The 4 session PROGRAM

"The GOAT"

Our 4 session program that takes advantage of a variety of locations (Richardson Heights) and your location (within 20 miles of Richardson Heights) We will work on general manners, walking properly and respectfully on a leash, addressing over excitement and anxiety, socialization and any specific behaviors that you may be concerned about.

We will improve your overall relationship with your dog in your daily life.

- 4 Weekly Sessions + (1 Bonus Social)

-Locations: 2 @Richardson Heights Area and 2 @Your Location

-Sessions are 60-90 minutes

-Weather may be a factor

-Includes a premium slip lead.


- 4 Weekly Sessions $800

– ANY Follow Up Sessions: $100 each


The 2 session PROGRAM

Whether at our location or yours, We realize that the human’s training is just as important as the dog’s training, so we will work with you and your dog hands on to provide you with a complete dog training experience.

Our training begins with 2 sessions approximately 90 minutes that will be held a week apart. 

Our location is in and around the beautiful Richardson Heights Neighborhood. 

Your location must be within 20 miles of ours.

Depending on the issues and our schedule, we will decide what locations will work best.

- Weekly

-May vary slightly

-Weather may be a factor 


- Initial 2 Sessions $500

– ANY Follow Up Sessions: $175 each