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Boarding and In-Home Training
Dogs Mind Training has been building stronger relationships between humans and their dogs for over 20 years offering successful 5 star training programs to thousands of clients. 
 Our team of dog experts are strong believers in natural methods of communication.
Dogs Mind Training Leads With Love.

Meet The Team

Dan Glaser-Owner

In-Home Trainer

Dan was born into a family of Sheltie Breeders, Show Dog Handlers, Groomers and Dog Trainers. Dan worked with local rescue groups and shelters since he was a teenager. In 2016, Dan attended the Training Cesars Way workshop taught by The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan and was invited to work with Cesar and his staff at the Training Cesars Way workshop the following year. Dan attended the LucasAgnew Workshop, taught by Cheri Lucas and Brian Agnew in 2018 and twice 2019, he flew out to Templeton , California to shadow Cheri Lucas.

Tyrus Swift-Owner

Board and Train Trainer

While Tyrus was growing up, His Mom worked at a Doggy Daycare and she was involved in dog walking and pet sitting. When it was time for Tyrus to get his first job, he knew he wanted to work with dogs. Tyrus was lucky enough to land a job at a popular pet resort. In 2019 Tyrus attended the Cheri Lucas shadow program in which he excelled. Tyrus has a passion for helping dogs and better educating people on how to form better relationships with their own dogs.

What people are saying....

Robyn Burke-


Robyn has always had an uncanny connection with all creatures big and small. Dogs Mind Training was familiar with Robyn and her success with helping fearful and dominant dogs long before she joined the team, They had called on her to help with some of their more problematic dogs they had been working with. Robyn also expanded her amazing training capabilities when she also shadowed Cheri Lucas in California.

What's The Buzz

"It has only been 2 sessions for us and he has already transformed into a completely different dog"

"Dogs Mind Training has been the best thing we could ever do for our dog Leo"

"Cody was insane on a leash. Walking him was like walking a freight train. After just ONE session we noticed a huge difference" 

"Dogs Mind Training is wonderful with in the first visit he trained me and my dog on how to grow together in a civilized world"


"Dogs Mind Training came out and worked with our puppy and did an amazing job! They taught us so much! She is already doing so great!"

"Holy cow!  My wife and I are still in shock after our first session with Dogs Mind Training". 

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