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Dogs Mind Training

Dan Glaser has been successfully building strong human-dog relationships for over 20 years. What he does goes far beyond simple dog training. He strengthens the bond between you and your dog to create a happy and stable family. Dan has been the go-to trainer for puppies and young dogs 2002 for his vast knowledge and personal experience. He has transformed thousands of human-dog relationships with easy to follow foundational exercises.

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Lil' Bit about Dan Glaser


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Dan was born into a family of dog breeders, groomers and dog show ring stewards and began his career working with local rescue groups and shelters getting dogs ready for their forever families. 
In 2017 Dan attended a
Training Cesars Way workshop with the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan and then asked to work return as a volunteer for Cesars upcoming workshops.
Tyrus Swift is among one of the top board and train and off leash dog trainers around today. In 2019 they headed over to California to grab some
Randys Donuts and joined the mentorship program under internationally recognized canine behavior specialists Cheri Lucas. Dan and Tyrus are constantly seeking out and learning new training methods to better help as many dogs as possible in a variety of methods.

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