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Premium Private Training

Private one on one sessions you work with me learning about a dogs mind and working hands on training your dog. Training will take place mainly at my location but could also include a location that works best for your dogs issues and your goals. (such as a dog-friendly public patio, Home Depot, a local park or your home). We will build a strong relationship between you and your dog during these sessions.

2 SESSIONS $400 / 4 SESSIONS $700 / 6 SESSIONS $900

*Note: I do not work with human aggressive dogs



The Greatest Of All Training

Hybrid Training


My one of a kind 10 session hybrid training program combines the success of my one on one training with the benefits of my unique board and training. During the first 5 board and train days your dog will live free in my home (no crates or kennels) just like my personal dogs as a regular member of the  "pack" so I do require that your dog is human and dog friendly as well as potty-trained. My board and training incorporates real everyday home life with daily training sessions and structured all-day socialization as your dog learns important foundation behavior, obedience, loose leash walking and becoming more calm, confident and well-mannered in a home environment. 

On the final day of the board and train portion, we will do our first of 3 one on one training sessions to go over everything we did and what you should be working on. Then we will schedule our next one on one sessions at my location most likely in a week to 10 days and our final 2 sessions will be at a location we agree upon (a dog friendly location such as a public patio, Home Depot, a local park or your home).


The GOAT $1,600 


2 board and train days, 2 one on one sessions at my location

and 1 public dog friendly location

The MINI GOAT $700


Please email me some info in your email:

*Your Name and Phone Number


*What are the issues you want to work on

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