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Dan Glaser/In-Home Trainer

Tyrus Swift/Board and Trainer

Robyn Burke/In-Home Trainer

Dogs Mind Training has been successfully doing our thing for over 20 years!  Despite the name, Dan, Tyrus and Robyn don"t consider themselves traditional dog trainers. We approach our work focusing on behavior and instinct. We want our clients to connect with their own dogs on a deeper level. This type of "training" results in a stronger and more meaningful relationship between human and dog. Dan has worked with local rescue groups and shelters since he was a teenager. In 2016 Dan attended the Training Cesars Way workshop taught by The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan and was invited to work with Cesar and his staff at the Training Cesars Way workshop the following year. When it was time for Tyrus to get his very first job, he knew he wanted to work with dogs. Tyrus was lucky enough to land a job at a popular pet resort and has turned his passion for dogs into a career ever since. Robyn has been helping out Dogs Mind Training with problem dogs for years. Robyn has always had an instinctual connection with all animals and specializes in rescue dogs. She is an important go-to for the team.

Dan, Tyrus and Robyn all have a passion for helping dogs and better educating people on how to form better relationships with their own dogs and in 2019 all three traveled to Templeton, California to attend the shadow program taught by world renowned trainer, Cheri Lucas.

What people are saying...

Dogs Mind is wonderful within the first visit he trained me and my dog on how to grow together in a civilized world

It's only been 2 sessions for us and he has already transformed into a completely different dog

They walked in and within a few minutes he was showing me how to take the lead and teach my big boy how to behave.

It only took 5 mins to solve the problem we had tried for 2 months! 

I had been to previous "dog training" classes with her but she was too hyper to even participate.  In just a few short visits, Dogs Mind Training had us on the right path.

As good as it gets

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