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Home Away From Home Boarding

*available only for clients that have completed training

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This one of a kind boarding experience is literally your dogs home away from home and I do have limited space so holidays and summer breaks are highly recommended to be booked well in advance You will never find a boarding experience for your precious pup quite like this. Your dog will will be treated and spoiled just like my own personal dogs, which means all day training, consistent supervised socialization and behavior touch ups, regular time in the yard, calm feeding rituals, controlled playtime and more...

Me vs Other Boarding Services


Me: Your dog will be loved and cared for just like my own. I already know them, worked with them and have built a relationship with them.

Others: Not their dogs.


Me: Your dog has free range of my home, just like my dogs, no crates or kennels (unless specified when I am NOT home) which means all day supervised socialization and consistent behavior touch ups. Regular time in the yard, calm feeding rituals and controlled playtime and they sleep where they are comfortable.

Others: All dogs spend significant time in a kennel, dog run or crate by themselves. They have different prices for different sized kennels (they call them suites)  Most charge extra for extra playtime, pillows, beds, even TVs, special feeding instructions, etc.


Me: I'm a professional trainer, this is my career, this is my life.

Others: Most boarding facilities are staffed with part time teens or young adults that are just looking for a job.


Me: I am very flexible on drop off and pick up times (including Sundays and nights. Your dog will never be left alone overnight or for a long period of time. I post photos and videos regularly on my social media.

Others: Most facilities charge more for holidays. Drop off and pick up times are limited.


Me: If I win the lottery, I will watch your dogs for free.

OthersIf they won the lottery...they would close their doors and move to a tropical island paradise.


The bottom line is that this is truly your dog's home away from home.


$75 per dog 

2 Dogs for $125

3 Dogs $200

I charge for the approximate 24 hr period (give or take)

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My Boarding.

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